The history of the company dates back to 1942, when Chimkent fat-and-oil plant was opened and launched. The country restored after the war, its industrial capacity grew and our plant developed. Initial production was 280 tones per day for processing of cotton seeds and increased up to 1150 tones over the years. Within a short period of time our company became a leader in the Central Asia in this area, new types of oil plant processing have been developed, and modernization of production has been performed several times. The plant increased the range of manufactured products due to development of processing technology for other types of production: seeds of sunflower, safflower, berry, rape, mustard and summer rape. The technical and economic performance was considerably increased that allowed the plant to hold one of the first places within the territory of former USSR.
Since collapse of Soviet Union, the times were hard: production capacity reduced, the plant was on the verge of closing. However, in virtue of exact management actions, patience and devotion of the employees the plant was saved. 
In 1993, Shymkent Mai Joint-Stock Company was established as a part of Chimkent fat-andoil plant. As of today, Shymkentmai JSC is the largest representative of the  fat-and-oil industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The plant applies waste-free technology.
The core business of the Shymkentmai JSC is: vegetable oil and oilseed meal production, as well as laundry soap production. Hundreds of thousands of the Kazakhstan citizens appriciate and invariably purchase the products of Shymkentmai JSC.


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