Today, the food market of Central Asia countries developes with increased speed. On a par with dairy and flour-milling industry products, the output growth of vegetable oils increases soundly. The reason is a demand which thanks to sustainable economic development and improvement of the quality of life is available. However, at present, the market makes great demands to quality of products. Under such conditions the manufacturers have no business to produce moderate goods, otherwise they are doomed to fail.

The Shymkentmay JSC, having provided for such time of day, for several more years ago has commenced the large-scale modernization of production. Today, the unique natural composition of our oils enables to improve the cooking process, to make dishes tastier and healthier. The composition of our oils excludes synthetic ingredients in full, which are considered to be usual in many near and far-abroad countries.

The process production technology of Shymkentmay JSC is completely non-waste: oilseed meal and peeling waste are used in fodder production for livestock enterprises, and part of oil is used in production of high quality laundry soap, the characteristics of which are vastly superior to those that are produced based on artificial fats.

We see the priorities of our activity towards a new quality of life through the possibility of consumption environmentally friendly domestic products by each consumer.
The success of Shymkentmay JSC depends primarily on specialists in service here. Everyone at the place of production is aware of responsibility for own performance and improves on a continuing basis.
From year to year we endeavor to raise a quality level of our products, since consumer interests are our primary value.
President of 
Shymkentmai JSC
D. Adirbekov


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