кCommon coconut soap «FRESHKO», 200 g, 72% fatness (not packed)

Common coconut soap «FRESHKO», 200 g, 72% fatness (packed)

Using coconut oil in our soap making recipes we started production of the natural and environ-mentally friendly product – COMMON SOAP «FRESHKO» with COCONUT OIL. Common soap «FRESHKO» is universal. It can be used for body and laundry, washing fruits, vegetables and dishes. In hard water the coconut soap foams well and washes contamination in all things. The coconut common soap «FRESHKO» has a fresh fragrance, abundant fragrant foam and sufficient hardness, broad antimicrobial and antibacterial action, provides very high washing ability even in salty and hard water, perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, heals small wrinkles and fractures on the skin in comparison with general common soap.
Only common soap «FRESHKO» is consisted of 20% coconut oil, which cleanses and nourishes your skin. And it has a soft and nonirritating effect, doesn’t damage the skin protective layer and doesn’t dry it rather than ordinary soap. It has a neutral odor and is suitable for all types of sensitive skin.Soap composition: sodium fatty acids of coconut oil 20%, sodium fatty acids of natural oils and fats, glycerin, water, sodium hydroxide. Without GMO.

Organolepticindicators of common coconut hard soap


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