On March 20, 2019 our company held an official ceremony dedicated to the assignment of the name of Adilkhan Begzhanovich Shumenov – a former head of raw materials and finished products storage – to street No.2 located within the enterprise site, as well as to the raw materials finished products storage itself. Invited guests and enterprise employees took part in the  celebration event. 
A.B. Shumenov and the event’s distinguished guest Ye.S. Abuov, the director of Sberbank JSC subsidiary, cut the symbolic red ribbon at the opening ceremony of A.B. Shumenov street.
In his speech Company’s CEO Daniyar Zholdiyarovich Adirbekov stated that A.B. Shumenovwas a pioneer of Shymkentmay Joint-Stock Company, and throughout more than 25 years with the company he hugely contributed into its development. As a sign of huge respect to A.B. Shumenov the company’s management decided to also assign A.B. Shumenov’s name to the raw materials and finished products storage. Unveiling the memorial plate on the workshop building wall was assigned to honorable pensioner A.A. Junissaliyev.
Company’s pensioners Ye. Turekulov and Yu.R. Khalmetov congratulated A.B. Shumenov and the company’s employees on this memorable day.
A stand-up meal party was provided following the street opening ceremony.
At the end of the event Daniyar Zholdiyarovich gave a tour for the guests along A.B. Shumenov street.


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