The 9th of May - Victory Day

The date of 9th of May 1945 goes further and further into the past, but we still remember the price our fathers and grandfathers paid for this great day, and we traditionally celebrate this beautiful and tragic holiday in the company of our veterans.
Every year we commemorate the deceased and do our best to help veterans who are still with us. Organizing celebrations for the participants of the Great Patriotic War, we want them to know, how we love, appreciate, and respect them, and how we are boundlessly thankful to them for the peaceful sky above our heads. Every year in the course of the holiday our enterprise allocates money to veterans. 560,000 tenge were allocated this year (each of 4 veterans got 15,000 tenge, and each of 50 home-front workers got 10,000 tenge). On our premises there is a memorial dedicated to 9th of May, and by the eternal light our colleagues and veterans cast back their minds to their deceased friends and relatives, hold a moment of silence, and laid flowers.
On the ground of close affinity between the Great Patriotic War and the life of our factory, a new museum of our enterprise war established in honor of the historical holiday and the 70th anniversary of our enterprise, where the history of our enterprise's development is demonstrated with photos, expositions, historical documents, flags, multiple awards, and the model of the enterprise.
After the official part of the program a festive table was laid and a concert program with war songs was organized. The veterans recollected their youth and their friends, told us battle stories, sang songs dedicated to the War and the Great Victory.



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